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Internships Information

The Financial Internship Program is scheduled to run for six weeks during the summer following the junior year. The student intern must work a minimum of 150 hours to earn one credit and be paid for work performance according to the federal guidelines, and not less than the minimum wage. We encourage all students and parents to plan during the school year for the Internship. Do not wait until May to secure an internship position. Academy students ​must​ complete the internship program to receive the Academy of Finance completion certificate from the State and cord for graduation. ​In addition, students must successfully complete the internship course to maintain current status in the Academy of Finance.

A portion of the junior’s final quarter grade for Economics and Financial Services will include a grade for internship paperwork turned in and completed. We encourage all students, parents, and business partners to assist in establishing internship opportunities.


  • Increased awareness of the need for higher levels of education
  • Exposure to business processes within the organization
  • Ability to use skills and knowledge in the areas of teamwork, computers, organization and time management in a business setting
  • Provide for further clarification of career interest